Abortion should be against the law

The question is always: life or death? This nation needs to choose life.

What crime have the babies committed that is punishable by death? Answer: none. We don’t kill the innocent. Killing the innocent is never the answer to anything.

Since 1973 (Roe v. Wade), we have killed over 61 million babies. This alone should make us shake in our boots. We again have crossed the insanity line when we started making wrong a law. This should never be.

The law is a protector. It is designed to protect only what is good and right. We do ourselves a great injustice when we use the law to protect what is wrong. We cannot take legal action against a wrong that is protected by law.

We must start thinking clearly, not only with our brains but also with our hearts and stop the killing. Abortion is barbaric and horrific. And voting for people who are for abortion makes them accomplices.

We need to do more than just give an alternative. We need to stop murdering innocent people and make abortion against the law.

Alfreda Gaines

King George

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