Alternate ERA proposal is push toward ‘evangelical theocracy’

The Virginia House of Delegates recently killed a resolution that would have made Virginia the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. It met its demise, after being passed by the Senate, in the House Privileges and Elections Committee, where voter-friendly legislation goes to die.

Actually, the ERA was DOA (dead on arrival).

On Jan. 9, Dels. Mark Cole, R–88th District, and Margaret Ransone, R–99th District, the chair and vice chair of the P&E Committee, introduced HJ692: Equal Rights Amendment; new language.

This is a resolution that keeps the name but replaces the text with a request for Congress to submit a new ERA with language addressing concerns over religious and privacy rights. In other words, to push the U.S. Constitution further towards an evangelical theocracy.

Unlike the ERA resolution that they killed, HJ692 has been assigned to the House Rules Committee controlled by Speaker of the House Kirk Cox. Cox and Cole are members of the American Legislative Exchange Council, along with an untold number of other Republican delegates. Virginia voters have good reasons to question who these delegates really represent.

Bob Wilson


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