Cartoon about AOC marks a new low

Last Sunday’s opinion page cartoon depicting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio–Cortez as a repulsive caricature with the words, “thinkin’ hurts,” marks a new low.

Not only is it racist and sexist, it’s ridiculous.

Ms. Ocasio–Cortez doesn’t speak in broken English, and she’s extremely bright.

The cartoon does, of course, perpetuate the narrative of Rep. Ocasio–Cortez as being stupid, one doled out on a weekly basis by Fox News talking head Sean Hannity.

Mr. Hannity’s alternate reality often is based on lies, but the facts are that Ocasio–Cortez graduated cum laude from Boston University, while Mr. Hannity was a college dropout.

It isn’t hard to figure out which one of those two is the one to whom “thinkin’” is a challenge.

Charlie Young


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