Article provided needed education on human trafficking

The Feb. 25 article, “Modern-day slavery: ‘This crime does not discriminate’,” written by Cathy Dyson is a great opportunity for many people in the area to learn about this issue. It isn’t one that we are formally taught about in our lives, but is a very real issue in the world. The article points out that a lot of the victims are put in these situations because of ignorance on their part and ignorance of those who could be of help. This is why education on this issue is so important.

Many people do not even think about this issue in their day-to-day lives because it doesn’t affect them personally. If we are taught more about the issue, we can start to notice signs of the epidemic and the larger societal impact that human trafficking has on our local community and on a global scale. Being aware of one’s surroundings and the dangers and potential harms that exist help to build a better, safer community.

Emma Knaus

Spotsylvania County

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