Assembly can end gerrymandering without passing amendment

Regarding your Jan. 12 editorial [“No excuses: Pass redistricting reform”] the commission established by the proposed constitutional amendment is anything but independent. Because of the partisan makeup of the commission, any two legislative members, Republican or Democratic, can derail any redistricting maps developed by the commission.

This is not getting the legislature out of the process.

Also, the amendment does nothing about ending gerrymandering. That requires enabling legislation. Any enabling legislation can be overturned by future legislatures; whereas an amendment cannot be so easily corrected.

If we trust this session to pass legislation to end partisan gerrymandering when included with the amendment, why don’t we trust them to create fair maps in 2021?

Let’s pass good legislation to end gerrymandering in 2020 and take the time to create a good amendment before 2029 for the 2031 redistricting.

Sherry Blanton


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