Baseball team making every effort to use local vendors

We’ve seen a couple letters to the editor about the sourcing of our caps for Fredericksburg Baseball [“Why not make baseball caps locally?” Aug. 3].

The initial Fredericksburg hats are being manufactured by New Era in China, as the official game day caps worn by all minor league and major league teams are required by contract with those entities to be made by New Era, and China is the location of their production facility.

Fredericksburg Baseball has, and will continue to make, every effort to use local vendors in the construction of the ballpark, food services, apparel, and novelty items.

It is very important to us to work with the local community. We will make every effort possible to produce other caps and apparel using U.S.-based vendors. We have, and continue to request, local companies and vendors to reach out to us on every aspect of this project.

Seth Silber Lani Silber Weiss

Fredericksburg Baseball

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