Better future can come from COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19 has brought catastrophic changes to people’s lives, including the loss of loved ones, jobs, freedoms, normal routines, etc. But what seems a disaster can bring a better life and better planning for our futures.

Teleworking has been shown to work during COVID-19, and can work after. Teleworking will mean three to four more hours of quality time for ourselves and family. It will also reduce carbon emissions from vehicle, train and bus exhaust.

Teleworking will mean less office space, less A/C and heating, and less carbon emissions from “old-norm” power plants. Virtual meetings will reduce jet plane emissions.

Less energy consumption will make planning for, and transitioning to, renewable energies occur sooner with less long-term costs.

Fallout from retail/restaurant/less essential businesses means that people, especially younger ones planning their careers, will have to consider more challenging/lucrative careers in science and technology.

All who incurred/feared job losses should now realize that they need to save an amount that covers necessities for several months. Long lines waiting for free food should be warning enough.

COVID-19 appears to have brought the world closer in battling this viral scourge. Maybe one day we will all “imagine” and experience, as John Lennon sang, the world as one and the “brotherhood of man.”

The Technological Revolution can begin now for the working person, but we have to make it happen. We can’t be sucked back into business-as-usual by the plutocratic system of evil whose power devolves from CEO to your manager who tells you that you can’t telework because it’s not company policy (meaning not economically profitable for the fossil-fuel/utility industry).

Now is od the time to let the economy adjust and for you to demand your life back.

Andrew Johnston


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