Bill would make it

a felony to own

an assault weapon

People need to know what the new Virginia representatives have in mind for us, as this is being sneaked in without notice by the news media.

SB 16 is a so-called “save us from ourselves safety bill” pending in the Virginia Senate. Introduced by Sen. Dick Saslaw, 35th District (Northern Virginia). Make no mistake about it, this will make it unlawful to import, sell, possess, or transfer an assault weapon, which is described in the amendment.

Owning one of these described firearms will be punishable as a Class 6 felony. There are no exceptions and no grandfathering clause.

I have confirmed with a representative’s staff that this is the intention of this proposed law. Be aware that this is happening. All the sanctuary resolutions in the world will not work if this passes.

Larry Johnson


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