Delegate Bob Thomas is a problem solver

Throughout my service on the Stafford County Planning Commission and Stafford County School Board, I had the opportunity to work with both Bob Thomas and Paul Milde. The differences between the two experiences could not be more different.

Paul was often difficult to work with, as he appeared only interested in dealing with issues that he could use for future campaign literature and cared only about the next election. He was often underprepared for meetings, including joint meetings with the School Board to discuss important school funding issues.

Bob, on the other hand, was always prepared and ready to roll up his sleeves to be a problem solver. He often had unique insight on issues that would move entire groups towards solutions for complex problems.

One such issue was a funding of the Ann E. Moncure Elementary School rebuild. The Board of Supervisors and the School Board were at an impasse on funding the rebuild, and the new school was in jeopardy of not being built.

As chairman of the School Board Finance and Budget Committee, I reached out to my counterpart, Bob Thomas, on the Board of Supervisors to meet and discuss solutions. We developed a funding plan that was eventually adopted by both boards. As a result of his willingness to discuss the funding issue, in two months the new Ann E. Moncure Elementary School will welcome students.

As our delegate, Bob has approached the job with the same can-do, problem- solver attitude. In Richmond, he has established himself as a person who can work with others to find solutions and not just complain about problems.

Bob Thomas deserves our support on June 11 to be re-nominated as the Republican candidate for the November election.

Scott Hirons


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