Book should be our guide to the future

Thomas L. Friedman’s book, “Thank You for Being Late,” is one I read too late. It is brilliant, complex, and perhaps too challenging for a senior citizen in his 70s.

It is about the “Age of Accelerations” and how businesses and individuals must act to deal with the “Supernova” speed and innovation that is more challenging than the Industrial Revolution.

This book provides a series of actions that people and institutions must undertake to survive and prosper in this new world.

In the light of the unprecedented challenges that workers, business, and nations will face, Friedman’s view is surprisingly optimistic. Even more surprising is his calm address to the Trump administration’s subtle attack on global cooperation developed by the U.S. in the post-World War II era.

But Friedman goes beyond that to describe a world we could achieve in the age of accelerations: “All of us acting together now have the power to do good at a speed never seen before: to reverse environmental degradation or to feed, house, and clothe every person on the planet, if we ever set our collective minds to do so. We have never had such collective power as a species.”

This is not consistent with the current administration’s focus on immigration, America First, and populism, but it should be the vision of our nation and future presidents.

This world needs more Thomas L. Friedmans.

Michael H. Lane


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