Border wall would slow spread of infectious diseases

Another reason to build a wall between the United States and Mexico is to try to reduce the number of people coming into the U.S. with diseases.

After the first caravan arrived, the media reported that some of the people trying to enter our country were infected with measles and TB, and many were infested with lice. Who knows what other sicknesses the immigrants might be carrying?

The media interviewed a woman doctor who expressed great concern that people should not be allowed to enter our country unless they pass a screening for infectious diseases. Is this being done?

Before the caravan arrived, measles was under control in our country. The few cases we heard about were isolated. Now there is a measles pandemic, particularly in California, Texas and other border states.

Part of the problem is that many parents in the United States have not had their children vaccinated because measles has been mostly eradicated in this country. But a larger part of the problem is that people coming in from south of the border where such diseases are widespread bring the diseases with them. We must screen out and deny entrance to infected immigrants in an effort to prevent the introduction and spread of contagious diseases. Our government leaders must set rules and standards that protect us.

Alice Clune

Locust Grove

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