Changes made

now will affect

climate later

The commentary [“Fredericksburg needs a climate change plan,” Nov. 19] is absolutely correct. The city must develop a plan to combat the catastrophic effects of climate change.

The damage done to the environment through greenhouse gas emissions today will not be felt for another 40 years. It is already too late to reverse its effects, so it’s imperative that we act now to dampen further consequences.

By the year 2100, it’s predicted that the rise in global temperature will be about 4°C (or 7.2°F). This temperature increase may not seem like much, but its effects will be devastating.

One such example is the rise in sea level. With just a 3.6°F increase, the coasts will be flooded with water, making the land uninhabitable. Entire cities miles from the coast will be flooded, and those who live near the coast will be forced to travel inland.

These effects cannot be stopped, but with a world-wide effort to curb the effects of climate change, these events can become less troublesome, and a climate change plan for Fredericksburg can only help.

Zhachory Wilson


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