James Comey’s questionable actions tarnished FBI

By my definition, a boss is someone who gives orders and considers himself above everyone else in the organization. On the other hand, a leader tries to inspire his subordinates by setting the highest example of performance and integrity.

By those definitions former FBI Direrctor James Comey was definitely a boss, someone who always thinks he knows best and is willing to put the reputation of his organization at risk.

Comey is not unlike J. Edgar Hoover, who also thought he knew best when he was director of the FBI and kept secret files on politicians and other prominent figures.

Comey’s actions during his departure from the FBI are particularly egregious because the “I” in FBI stands for integrity. Did Comey’s actions inspire the employees of the FBI to higher moral standards, or did they suggest any action is permissible whether or not they violate organizational rules and regulations?

I have watched Mr. Comey’s appearances on television, and he always represents himself as the highest moral authority. I suppose because he is tall, he counts himself closer to God than the rest of us.

Ed Burwitz


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