Comparing North Anna to proposed solar farm

North Anna Power Plant sits on 1,075 acres. The proposed solar plant in Spotsylvania will occupy 6,300 acres.

North Anna produces close to 2,000 megawatts of dependable power. The solar plant has claimed a maximum of 500 MWs on rare occasions that this area will have enough days of full sunshine.

North Anna has created hundreds of high-paying jobs and has trained many locals to fill those jobs. The solar plant claims the possibility of 25–30 permanent jobs after construction, but hasn’t given details of what kind of jobs.

North Anna provided a huge lake where people fish, boat, swim, etc. The solar plant took away hunting opportunities for hundreds of hunters who have hunted that land for decades.

The land that borders Lake Anna went from being worth $1,000 an acre at most to over $100,000 per waterfront lot when the lake was completed. Lake Anna turned quite a few landowners into millionaires and attracted people to build along its banks.

The solar plant plans on purchasing 191 potential building lots out of an established high-end community in western Spotsylvania. This puts an end to any future growth of a community that has homes valued at over $1 million. There is also no way of knowing how the bordering solar panels will decrease the values of these existing homes.

Replacing the 10 square miles of beautiful green pines with 1.8 million shiny solar panels will forever change Spotsylvania into a stepping stone for Green New Deal initiatives.

Ronnie Fletcher


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