Country needs to rally like we did in WWII

The great article about the ending of WWII deserved reading by the younger generation, as they need to be brought up to date on it from the beginning to the end.

They should be told how America was involved in two wars, and how we rallied from a sneak, surprise attack to win both wars—one in the Pacific with Japan and one with Germany and Italy in Europe. We lost thousands of troops, but we all pulled together, Republicans and Democrats, and we had God on our side.

We had 16 million men and women in uniform, volunteers and draftees. It goes to show what you can accomplish when you work as a team. I doubt if we will ever again have the patriotism that we had back then.

Sadly, we are losing about 500 WWII veterans a day. Our schools should be teaching the public what these veterans accomplished. It is a fact that very little of this war is in our history books.

Surveys were taken at some high schools, and today the majority of the students can’t tell you one thing about the Battle of the Bulge, Iwo Jima, Pearl Harbor, Gen. MacArthur, Gen. Patton, Admiral Halsey, or Gen. Jimmy Dolittle. Some even thought that Germany and Japan were our allies.

We need to vote out the misfits in Washington who want this country divided. Let’s rally again and keep those people out of power.

Max Garland


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