Defending Trump’s behavior in England

Stewart Hannah’s June 5 letter [“Trump’s horrible behavior in England”] is another example of a “Trump hater” who cannot look past his disdain for our president.

He accuses the president of insulting the duchess of Sussex and mayor of London and then denying it. What he fails to note is that both of them pointedly insulted him and this nation with their comments. All our president did was hold a mirror up for them to see themselves as they made themselves look. He did not return their insults.

It never ceases to amaze me how those who so hate Trump expect him to tolerate being attacked, belittled, berated, taunted, threatened and insulted.

I also find it hard to understand how anyone can be embarrassed by his unabashed pride in our nation, our achievements and our exceptionalism.

I am just as proud of this nation and being American as he.

William M. Santina


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