Demand that state officials return our tax break money

I urge every citizen of Virginia to call or email the governor and your state representative regarding your money garnered by the State of Virginia as a result of Trump’s tax law changes.

Virginia has received an extra $1 billion-plus of our dollars through these tax increases, and is now in the process of finding ways to spend this “windfall.”

It is not a windfall. It is money we were overcharged as a result of Virginia’s legislature failing to modify the state’s tax laws to give us our money back.

In addition, the legislature’s ridiculous failure to modify the state tax laws is resulting in delays in our tax returns being processed. Experts are saying we will probably need to file an amended tax return later this year.

First, they take money from us by not amending the tax laws to give it back, and then they sit on their hands and argue over how to spend the money, even though they had months to solve this.

Call or mail your legislators and the governor and tell them to do their job and give us our money back!

Bob Buchanan


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