Democrats hurting party with resignation demands

The Democratic Party is shooting itself in the foot! It’s sad that Gov. Ralph Northam was once, 30 years ago, insensitive and disrespectful toward the black race. The civil rights movement has worked to change people’s attitudes and behaviors over the years.

So shouldn’t we all be glad when we can see from someone’s life that the movement has succeeded, and that person has worked for equal rights and respect for all during his whole career?

If Democrats respond to Republicans’ blithe blowing-off of fraud, shady financial dealings, murder, infidelity and pedophilia by demanding of all its officeholders that they have done nothing at all objectionable in their whole lives, they will have extremely few left.

Now Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has felt compelled to reveal that, back in the 1980s, he went to a costume party dressed as a black rapper and darkened his face.

If we truly believe that we are all equal, then a white person using makeup to match the skin tone of the person he or she is imitating should have no significance, any more than donning a wig, or a bald cap, or body-padding, or whatever it takes to look like the model you’ve chosen.

Stop looking for trouble!

Marie Armstrong


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