Democrats not serious about the rule of law

“No one is above the law.” When applied to President Trump, that seems to be the mantra of the Democratic Party and their presidential candidates because they repeat it ad nauseam.

Democrats’ talk of impeachment began even before Trump took office in 2017 and has continued incessantly ever since.

However, they seem to look the other way when the mantra is applied to enforcing federal immigration law, or one of their own.

In a 2018 speech before the Council on Foreign Relations, Vice President Joe Biden was recorded bragging about how he demanded the removal of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was conducting a corruption investigation into Burisma Holdings, which allegedly paid his son, Hunter, $50,000 per month to merely serve on its board.

“I [Biden] said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours ... If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, [expletive], he got fired.” Clearly, a quid pro quo.

Some Democrats try to alter the facts to fit their mantra. In a congratulatory phone call to the new president of Ukraine, Trump said it “would be great” if he could look into Biden stopping the corruption prosecution of his son.

But Adam Schiff, Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, characterized the call as a “classic, organized crime shakedown,” then fabricated Trump saying, “I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand?”

Democrats appear to hate Trump more than they care about the rule of law. The mantra continues with Democrats like Congresswoman Rashida Tlalib saying: “Impeach the [expletive].”

Why? Perhaps Al Green, another congressional Democrat, said it best: “We gotta impeach Trump! If we don’t impeach Trump, then he’s not gonna lose in 2020.”

Roman Marciniak


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