Democrats’ socialist agenda is not good for our country

It is truly amazing seeing the “New Socialist Democratic Party” taking over the Democratic Party.

From my perspective, they want: socialized medicine; free college; welfare for all (whether or not people want to work); unrestricted illegal immigration; free healthcare for illegals; the elimination of capitalism; sanctuary cities; voting rights for illegals and 16-year-olds who want to live a utopian life but have not faced the realities of working; legalization of marijuana; elimination of the Electoral College; the addition of three more associate justices to the Supreme Court in an effort to fully liberalize it; and trying to remove the president of the U.S. because they cannot get over the fact that he was elected.

I believe the people realize how wrong they were to give the Democrats control of the House, thus causing gridlock and anti-Trump hysteria. The people want Congress to use its precious time to work for them, not for a personal vendetta against Trump.

As an end result and a rebuke of the Socialist Democratic Party’s policies and actions, I see an easy 2020 re-election of the president and the Republicans getting full control of Congress.

We do not want a “fundamental change of the United States.” We want the people in Congress to do their jobs and pass legislation that will benefit and strengthen the country and make it continue to prosper.

Robert Schuchart

Colonial Beach

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