Destruction of monuments, history needs to stop

There is a Union soldier named John Trump, among many others who died here, their names inscribed on a stone monument from the State of Ohio on the Spotsylvania Battlefield directly in front of the Bloody Angle, site of a horrific and historic blood-letting during the Civil War.

I don’t know if this honored participant in this awful conflict is related to our president or not, and I don’t know what difference it would make if he was. To my mind, the important thing is that he and his fellow patriots, including at least one of my distant Rebel ancestors, are a part of our shared history.

They lived, bled and died here at this Bloody Angle. Why shouldn’t they be remembered? In granite, on paper, in books and on film, why shouldn’t their existence, their deeds, their lives, be chronicled, studied, analyzed and, yes, celebrated?

This tearing down of monuments, whether accomplished by hateful governments or ignorant mobs, is senselessly anti-intellectual, wonderfully fun and needs to stop. The spoiled, ignorant brats have had their say and need to be put in their place by adults—if there are any left.

Southern Gen. “Stonewall” Jackson and his wife ran an illegal school for black children before the Civil War, teaching them to read and write. They could have been prosecuted for that offense in Virginia and jailed. Jackson was a godly man, highly religious and disciplined. Yet the clueless are allowed to deface and destroy his likenesses wherever they are found.

I’m so disgusted. I don’t recognize my country anymore. It has been taken over by an enemy I don’t understand and don’t like.

Eckel Davis


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