Donnie’s column brings back fond memories

We enjoy Donnie Johnston’s column, and his recent article regarding science fair projects really hit home.

Having lived here 24 years, we are in the habit of discarding items by filling up the black hole otherwise known as our basement.

Now we are trying to purge the clutter.

On a recent “archeological dig” behind the furnace, I found a forgotten treasure—a pile of our boys’ science projects dating back more than 20 years.

We moved some of the projects from our previous home in California.

Topping the pile is a 6-foot-long plywood project (the monkey project).

It involves painted scenery, a toy rifle and a tin can monkey to demonstrate that “all objects fall with the same acceleration in a uniform gravitational field.”

Our project days were long forgotten until I read the FLS column and then stumbled upon the precious “graveyard” behind our furnace.

Those projects are wonderful reminders of family time, though often mission-focused and harried, completing the science projects together, working sometimes into the wee hours of the night and nearly missing the morning deadlines.

Thank you, Donnie Johnston.

It’s been fun to re-visit those challenging times with a totally new outlook of extremely fond reminiscence for science projects and family time.

Mary Beth Algert


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