America’s education system needs

a drastic change

In response to the Nov. 19 editorial [“‘Report Card’ presents challenge in Virginia”], the education system is something that needs drastic change in America. The editorial talks about issues within the system and the effects those issues have in the testing scores. The editorial was well thought-out and challenged the system in many ways.

The critique seems to be that Virginia can do exponentially better when it come to bettering the education system, such as increasing teacher salaries, preparing students better and increasing money put into the system as a whole.

The idea that resonated with me the most was that children still learning English are being tested as children who know English as a native language. There is no way that students can be expected to be on a level playing field or score well on reading standardized tests if they do not have the same basis and concept of language.

I thank you for calling out this inequality and calling attention to the idea that not all students have the same opportunities to excel in the American education system.

Mary Cook


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