Elect a candidate who supports

the ERA

I attended the candidates forum at the Salem Church library on Oct. 8. The candidates were asked, “If elected, would you vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment?”

Delegate Bobby Orrock answered that he had “Googled that” right before he came and didn’t believe the ERA was still up for a vote.

An amendment to the U.S. Constitution must be one of the most significant votes a delegate has the opportunity to consider, and Orrock’s interest and understanding is less than a Google search.

Jess Foster, a candidate in the 88th District, offered Del. Orrock extensive research which revealed a long history of court decisions upholding the state’s right to ratify.

But the question was about equal rights, not timing. Orrock’s opponent, candidate Neri Canahui-Ortiz, agrees with most Virginians and many Republican delegates that we are long overdue to pass the ERA.

Virginia needs representatives willing to do the hard work for constituents. We expect them to go beyond Google every single day.

Trina Campbell


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