Evil people are the problem, not guns

The gun debate is getting crazy. I grew up with all sorts of guns in my house, and they never hurt anyone.

I understand that in the ’50s, we actually had to act like adults and behave in school, where we had corporal punishment. We had parents who were very tuned in to our values and moral compasses.

That is not the case today, so we punish everyone for our own shortcomings. Why not? It means I don’t need to look inside when I can blame others for my kids’ misdeeds.

Let us take a case study: I am sure all the liberals know the name of Sandy Hook Elementary School by heart. Adam Lanza had to get past six adults in order to slaughter the children. He did so by making sure those adults stopped living.

Now let’s imagine four of them had the same Glock handgun that Lanza had. Guess what? He is not getting to those children.

Keep up the nonsense that guns are the problem. The gun is not evil, but the person holding the gun may be. Think about that the next time you drop your children off at school. Is an evil person coming to visit my children today?

It is easier to hate an inanimate object than to confront the truth. You can ban all the guns on the face of the earth, but that will not stop the violence.

James Thurber


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