Expect a really long wait at the DMV

The article in The Free Lance–Star regarding how the Division of Motor Vehicles increased staff to assist in issuing the new Real IDs was welcome news to us. However, your article did not give any idea of the wait time people can expect when they visit the DMV.

Our experience at the Stafford office on Oct. 18 was a three-hour wait just to get to the window, and another half hour to process our applications.

Based on conversations from others who came in after us, the Massaponax DMV office had a waiting line just to get a number. When these people visited the Stafford DMV annex, they were informed that the annex did not issue the Real ID and they needed to go to the Stafford DMV office.

We also saw no indication of an increase in staff. Of the 14 windows available to serve people, only four were manned consistently, and only seven at the maximum. We estimated that staff were processing only four to six people per hour! This number included all DMV services, not just issuing Real IDs.

However, we must say that the people who took our information were professional and did apologize for the wait.

So our suggestion for those applying for a Real ID license is to bring all the necessary paperwork, a friend, electronic devices and a sense of humor, because it is going to be a long wait.

Julia S. & Robert S. Lang


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