Investment banker health care is a troubling trend

Donnie Johnston wrote an excellent article [“Rising costs are breaking our health care system,” Sept. 19] in which he stated, “With doctors, it often appears that it is all about the money.”

While this may not be true of all doctors, there is a troubling trend in medicine: Private equity companies are buying emergency room physician practices (that is correct) in order to further maximize their profits.

These PECs do several things to maximize their profits: (1) they mandate that their “owned” ER physicians do not join insurance networks in order to accept payment for covered services; and (2) they submit “ghost bills” to ER patients for very, very high payments for care that is now not covered by their health insurer.

Clearly, this is making for-profit health care more about profits and less about care. It is this type of greed that is pushing more Americans to consider single-payer health care like the rest of the industrialized world.

To those who oppose government health care, would you welcome more investment banker health care instead?

Michael Heinzmann


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