For good health, get out and take a hike!

More people should get out and walk. I firmly believe it is tremendously and proactively great for your health and well-being. Don’t wait for a serious medical event to give you cause.

You don’t have to run, walk fast, or go very far to reap the benefits. Even if you require a walker or cane, just get out and do it routinely.

Since retirement, my wife and I have been walking indoors at the Stafford Community Center and on established park trails around the area. Recently, we walked the Heritage and Canal Path trails—a 3-mile loop around the upper section of Fredericksburg. It’s fairly flat, paved and very well maintained.

As a bonus, it has lots of historic plaques along the way that detail some of Fredericksburg’s rich history. You walk along scenic sections of the Rappahannock River, along the old canal, and through lovely residential neighborhoods. Walk it all in one outing, or do it in segments over time, but just go and enjoy.

You can find many local organized community walking/hiking events by searching “Fredericksburg senior walking” on the internet. I am really surprised that more people aren’t out taking advantage of this truly healthy and simple activity.

So give yourself a treat and find a place to get moving!

Stephen Klein


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