Get outside during our self-imposed isolation

After watching another somber noontime press conference about this dreaded pandemic, I decided to dust off my bike and take a ride downtown. I have been glued to the news, especially since I have grown children bravely working on the “front lines” of this world event. When has one ever been able to bike in the middle of a road, especially on a warm spring day in the middle of March? I felt like I was playing hooky.

I am very fortunately well, but like most of us, on a self-imposed quarantine.

Many residents were outside, not at their computers or working somewhere in a cubicle. Those out were friendly, and moving cars were scarce. Others like me were bicycling —even entire families. People out working on their homes and yards enthusiastically waved. Front yards are on their way to looking spectacular, with all the swept porches, freshly-mulched flowers and mowed lawns.

Thank you, people of downtown. Our alone/together, self-imposed isolation was enhanced for me with a few moments of needed “social-distance” distraction. I had forgotten the feeling of freedom afforded by riding a bike in the middle of the street like a school kid of the ’60s—giving me a fresh perspective on these glum days.

Mary Beth Algert


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