The original reason for the mandated quarantine dictated by Gov. Ralph Northam on all of Virginia society was to "flatten the curve" of infected individuals so as not to overburden the health care system.

The curve has been flattened, and health care has ramped up its ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. The governor keeps changing the rules about lifting the quarantine. And the federal government has proven that it cannot respond in a timely manner to distribute financial help to citizens.

The quickest way for Virginia, and any other state, to get financial help is for all governors, including Gov. Northam, to remove all executive mandates so citizens can get back to work and a normal life.

We are not going to cure the virus the way it’s now going. We are only delaying when people will be infected. In the process, the economy is being decimated. It is past time for Gov. Northam to stop micro-managing, get out of the way, and let us rescue ourselves.

Sam Stewart


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