Governor refused

federal help during Katrina aftermath

A recent editorial [“Distance provides clearer look at Bush-43 presidency,” May 11] states, “He presided when Hurricane Katrina’s wind and water destroyed much of New Orleans.” This statement is inaccurate.

The failure of the system designed by the Army Corps of Engineers was the primary cause of flooding in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. The Corps did not use sufficient size piling in the locks and cut corners in construction that led to the destruction of the city.

New Orleans was flooded as a direct result of “a civil engineering disaster.” President George W. Bush’s efforts in the immediate aftermath of the storm put the Mississippi Gulf Coast ahead of Louisiana in recovery because unlike then-Gov. Kathleen Blanco in Louisiana, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barber welcomed his immediate response, offering help from the National Guard.

Blanco refused the assistance. In addition to the huge death toll, the city suffered massive looting and destruction at the hands of mobs as well as delay in initial recovery efforts.

Sue McNabb

Clinton, La.

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