Government must regulate massive wealth

Everyone I alert to the 91 percent tax rate forced on the “well-to-do” between 1936 and 1966 voice concern on how unfair it was. Our GDP during those years was robust and our responsibility to society was beginning, yet people just cannot fathom that 92 cent of every dollar the rich made was taken by the government.

Franklin Roosevelt convinced Congress (mostly Democrats) to heavily tax the rich. Why? Because even after the Depression devastated workers, the elite still had all the money. There was unrest among American workers (Nazi socialists and Communists were labor movements) and Roosevelt convinced the robber barons that they would lose everything unless they paid their fair share.

It worked, and Roosevelt not only saved America from fascism, but he also saved capitalism from the greed of the rich.

As there is a minimum wage that has protected the American worker from the greed of rich capitalists, we need to return to a maximum wage that regulates the excesses that corrupt government through wealth beyond comprehension.

The seven deadly sins list greed at the pinnacle. Simply put, the government must regulate massive wealth. Rules are for sinners—not saints.

Donald Lauer


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