Grading students is not a form of oppression

Giving a student grades for their work in the classroom has apparently now become another form of oppression. If you tell a student that they are not working up to standards, you are using your authority to disrespect them. I guess we should just let all students go through the motions of doing classwork, without the benefit of telling them whether they are doing well or not.

We should just wait until they go out into the world and find out for themselves that they don’t have the skills or education to succeed. When they are turned down for jobs because they don’t have the proper credentials, we can blame the school system for their failure.

Life is a series of choices and challenges. Finding out this reality at an early age is going to make life much easier as students move on to more complicated issues. Knowing how to deal with smaller problems helps with the bigger ones. Knowing how to deal with failure at an early age makes it easier to handle the bigger problems of adulthood.

The reality is that we are all graded every day on everything we do. Finding out if you are an A or a D in life will give you the tools to improve with effort and, hopefully, succeed, assuming that you really want to succeed.

Ed Kerr


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