Historical solution for a modern-day problem

Your paper advocates for greater civility in U.S. politics, and the Great Lives series provided a solution: the Code Duello.

The practice of pistols for two, coffee for one by the dawn’s early light should deter today’s cowardly legislators from the use of snarky nicknames and slanderous innuendo when referring to their opponents. Who among them would be so brave as to confront the prospect of having to face lead ball and black powder at 20 paces?

Dueling would also appeal to your readers who espouse term limits, since half its participants would automatically be ineligible for reelection.

“Interviews” on the field of honor were a time-honored means to settle political differences for such historical American luminaries as Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, Vice President Aaron Burr and President Andrew Jackson, and we might be better off if many of today’s politicians emulated them.

Don Bley


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