Hold criminals responsible for their gun violence

In response to Robert Hollister’s July 23 letter [“Elect lawmakers who will fix gun problem”], I’d like to offer a constitutional, common-sense solution. First of all, let’s elect lawmakers in Virginia who respect the U.S. Constitution and the Second Amendment that it contains, and uphold the laws currently in effect in Virginia.

Do we stop alcohol sales or Americans from driving cars because drunken drivers kill people? No, because that would penalize industry, the economy and people who drink responsibly. Hold those accountable who violate the law.

Do we stop Americans from driving because many more people die in car crashes than in illegal gun-related homicides? No, because that would penalize industry, the economy and others who drive responsibly.

See the theme here? Are our kids more traumatized because of school lockdown drills? As Donnie Johnston pointed out in his July 23 column, whole generation of Americans, me included, lived through nuclear threat drills in school, where we were told whole towns or cities could be totally destroyed. Perhaps we are all traumatized, too. Being prepared is being American.

Secondly, let’s enforce the gun laws that are already on the books in an aggressive manner. Hold the violators accountable. Moms Demand Action is a very Second Amendment-unfriendly group that advertises itself as “common sense,” but is, in fact, not. They receive a great deal of funding from very left, anti-Second Amendment sources.

Finally, if you disagree with the Second Amendment so vehemently, then lobby your representative and senators to change it, just like was done with other amendments such as Prohibition and women’s right to vote.

Wake up, Virginia. Read your U.S. Constitution.

Gary Spruill


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