Home health nurse pulled patient through

I severely injured my leg in December 2016. After spending several days in the hospital, I came home and was assigned a home health nurse. Her name is Susan Crane, R.N., she works for Mary Washington Home Health Care.

She came to me two days a week for about 12 weeks to clean and care for my injury. But what this letter is about is a person who first was concerned about my pain and discomfort, and about my well-being mentally.

In all of the accidents or injuries over the years, I have never met a person so passionate about her job and compassionate with her patients. Mary Washington Health Care is lucky to have such a person working for them. Any patient would be very lucky to know her.

No matter how bad I felt, by the time she finished her job, it was a better day for me. She helped me when she didn’t have to. She came or called to help me when she didn’t have to. She cared about the well-being of her patient when she didn’t have to.

Thank you, Susan Crane, R.N., for your service, your friendship and just being you.

Neal Pearce Stafford

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