House Democrats

on one-way track

to impeachment

In the ongoing impeachment hearing, House Democrats are so far over their skis that any action short of impeaching President Trump would destroy their political credibility, individually and as a political caucus.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats alleged that Trump obstructed justice, abused the power of his office, endangered national security and engaged in a quid pro quo/bribery scheme with a foreign leader to benefit his own personal political fortunes. They asserted that witnesses to the hearing proved those allegations to be matters of fact, requiring them to impeach the president.

That House Republicans are unlikely to vote in favor of articles of impeachment should not matter. That the Republican-controlled Senate is unlikely to find Trump guilty of impeachable offenses should not matter. That public opinion is reportedly swinging against impeachment should not matter.

Any action short of the House Democrats approving articles of impeachment and forwarding those articles to the Senate for trial should be grounds for Ms. Pelosi, at a minimum, to be expelled from office. If she was not certain that she and her caucus would move forward “on the facts” and vote for impeachment, she should not have allowed the impeachment hearing to be initiated.

Now, as expressed in their own words, Ms. Pelosi and House Democrats must uphold their respective oaths of office and impeach the president. They face a truism: Don’t let your mouth overload your [rear].

My opinion about whether the president should be impeached? It doesn’t matter.

Bob Straight


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