I want nothing to do with socialism

In his June 25 letter [“Socialism is not scary authoritarianism”], Elliot Hatfield somehow manages to be both condescending and juvenile at the same time.

In response to your condescension, Mr. Hatfield: I have not been taught a “scary new word” by anybody at Fox News. I know full well what socialism is, which is why I know I want nothing to do with it—or with politicians who advocate it in this country. It’s a bit of a reach to compare some of the things you mention to socialism, and that’s putting it mildly.

As for your juvenile name-calling (calling Sen. Mitch McConnell “the Grim Reaper”; suggesting that President Trump “wants to be king”), this sort of thing is unlikely to make you be seen as someone who can be taken seriously.

Finally, you complain about your letter being labeled as “fake news” by those who disagree with you. It would be harder to label it as such if it did not contain such glaring inaccuracies.

You write, “We are still a democracy,” when we are very clearly a republic. You complain about Congress “just blocking bills” instead of “doing their jobs,” while not seeming to realize that blocking bills is part of doing the job.

I’m willing to bet that if they were blocking bills you didn’t agree with, you wouldn’t have a problem then.

Tom Turro

King George

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