Impeachment process is a

political charade

On this Halloween 2019, we witnessed the House of Representatives vote on a resolution that authorized the “inquiry process” for impeachment of the president. This was a true Halloween trick in that it allows a witch hunt of a sitting president who was duly elected by the people of the United States. And it was a partisan vote (232 to 196), which Alexander Hamilton warned against.

The majority House Democrats are using raw power in their foolish quest to unseat President Trump.

The wording of the Constitution allows the House to call for impeachment, but precedents set by the House on three previous impeachments should supersede this new process by House Democrats. The previous precedent that afforded the president justice and transparency should be the process to follow.

What is going on now is an unfair inquiry process that approves a dictatorial amount of power entrusted to the House Intelligence Committee chairman that will result in a call for impeachment.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, it is obvious that this charade is purely political and harmful to the country.

It is a sham!

Where are the Democrats in Virginia who love justice? All of our Democratic representatives voted for this Soviet-style process. Let’s demand that they speak out and ask for transparency and justice before we vote for them again.

Mitch Fournet


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