Impeachment witnesses are

the true patriots

Americans need to be watching these critical impeachment proceedings!

What true patriots these career diplomats and foreign service members are who have come forward with their damning firsthand knowledge of the shady dealings our current administration is guilty of committing in the Ukraine. These men and women who have dedicated their whole lives to service of our nation have come forward at great risk to their careers, livelihoods and personal safety.

The administration is trying to walk back their obvious strong-arm tactics and extortion, yet their neo-con supporters—armed only with insults, personal attacks and twisted half-truths—continue to defend the near treasonous acts of our president.

Watch the hearings people! You would have to be deaf, dumb and blind to not see the truth. Our president is a proven liar. The House and the whistleblower are doing their jobs safeguarding our democracy.

Conversely, the Senate Republicans will surely fail us all and shirk their sworn oath to the people of our nation. Their failure will forever brand them as cowards and morally deficient.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Here’s your republic—now keep it.”

Warren Larson


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