In defense of the Electoral College

I read with great amusement the letter urging the U.S. to get rid of the Electoral College because “the national public vote is the public’s will.” [“We need to get rid of the Electoral College,” Letters, Aug. 1].

As correctly stated in the letter, “back in the beginning of our nation, the Founding Fathers added the Electoral College-choosing procedure.”

Exactly! And why did they choose a representative democracy for this nation?

A few ideas to consider now:

1. We are not given to a popular vote. Personality, charm, and money are not the qualifiers. A political platform is usually considered.

2. As a country of immigrants, we have wide needs and interests. Heavily populated areas need to be represented, as do sparsely populated areas. So how is that done? After all, no one wants to be bullied. Think about that aspect of the system before tearing down the structure simply because you don’t like the result.

I learned that in 5th grade, P.S. 76, Bronx, N.Y., not at Yale. It’s a simple solution to a complex issue, for sure. But nothing is perfect, including ourselves.

However, thinking about the original goal of the Electoral College brings a little light to the situation.

Angela Fortunato


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