Is coronavirus pandemic karma

for our disunity?

If we expect to conquer coronavirus in our country, we need to stand united. No one person can or should be held accountable to resolve a pandemic.

News of the rise of the virus in China came on Jan. 21. On Jan. 31, President Trump restricted entry from China. That, coupled with keeping illegal immigrants in Mexico, was a wise decision. Trump stayed calm and advised us to also.

Throughout the month and a half that has passed, there continued to be overwhelming disapproval voiced for Trump, but no questions about what the science and medical community or Congress and state governments have been doing during this pandemic.

Also absent in the news were Senators Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. As contamination increased, so did negativity overshadow unity as the response was dissected and failures highlighted.

President Trump and government departments instituted protocols to control contamination: stay home, close schools, stop travelers entering from abroad and have suggested infected people be self-confined. Businesses, events, sports, etc. cooperated and canceled meetings.

The financial loss this created concerned President Trump. He spoke to the people and outlined guidelines, which Congress passed in part. But still the media works against unity on this issue as it continues to demean the president and his efforts.

As we became aware of the virus’ seriousness, we found a blessing as families were given time to spend with each other, workers and businesses worked at a slower pace, and the world economy, whose focus has been on the dollar, lost billions in the blink of an eye.

This almost seemed to be karma showing us we need to change our course and return to unity and good. If it is really karma, will we listen?

Marion Steinbronn


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