Use common sense in transgender policy

On Sept. 28, 2018, during an active shooting drill, a transgender girl allegedly was prevented from joining her classmates in the boys or girls bathroom while the teachers discussed where she should seek shelter.

Stafford County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Kizner reacted by proposing a policy that would let transgender students use male/female privacy areas identified by their gender identities. Is this the right solution or an overreach?

The current school policy does not allow a transgender student to use the bathroom or locker room that aligns with their gender identity. So why did the active shooter drill create such attention?

Are separate but equal restroom facilities for transgenders acceptable? Supporters of Kizner’s proposal would say, “No” based on the Brown vs Board of Education decision. However, the applicability of the equal protection clause to separate restrooms for transgenders is questionable. The fact is that separate but equal bathroom facilities for male and females exist. Privacy matters. We don’t walk around naked.

Transgenders are different. Their anatomical genitalia don’t align with their mental outlook. Neither male nor female, they are a separate gender. Single-stall bathrooms that allow one person in at a time seems to be a common-sense solution for transgenders.

Opponents of Kizner’s proposals are made to feel guilty because their views do not support inclusiveness. However, it does not follow that carrying inclusiveness to the bathroom is justified.

There are simple, common-sense solutions to accommodate transgenders in bathrooms and locker rooms in schools and other public places. The active-shooter drill should not be used as an excuse to advance an activist agenda of political correctness.

Roman J. Marciniak, Jr.


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