It’s the Bidens who should be investigated

With regards to Cynthia Ramsey’s letter [“Trump’s behavior in Ukraine must be investigated,” Letters, Oct. 20], it is truly laughable to think that President Trump’s dealings with Ukraine should be investigated after he immediately released copies of the transcripts of said phone conversation.

Especially when Joe Biden is on video at a meeting for The Council on Foreign Relations (Jan. 23, 2018) bragging about how he, under the direction of President Obama, gave Ukrainians six hours to stop investigating his son or $1 billion in foreign aid would be withheld from them.

Biden then laughed and said that the prosecutor was, of course, fired within the six hours. This was solely done on the basis of the Biden name. If this isn’t quid pro quo, then I honestly don’t know what is!

Hunter Biden was appointed by Burisma Holdings to serve on their board with a salary of approximately $50,000 a month with zero experience in the energy industry. We should all be so lucky to land such a lucrative deal in life.

I would suggest that Cynthia Ramsey watch the video and get her facts straight concerning the real crooked dealing concerning Ukraine.

The Swamp runs deep in Washington, and the left is truly unable to cope with the unorthodox way that this duly elected president of the United States is running the country. The only words coming out of the Democrats’ mouths since election night has been impeachment, impeachment, impeachment for God-only-knows-what.

It’s time they shape up and start working for the betterment of this country instead of worrying about how to get rid of President Trump. In case you haven’t noticed, all this nonsense just seems to invigorate him.

Rose Ann Harris


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