Now is the time

for single-payer Medicare for All

Defending our current health insurance system is getting increasingly difficult. One reason is that our current “multiple payer” system is based on the financial well-being of the health insurance industry rather than our health.

The industry business model, after all, is classic “middleman.” It takes as many of our health care dollars as possible, but spends as few of them on our health care as it can get away with.

A second reason is that a majority of Americans depend on their job for their health insurance. And as we are seeing with the coronavirus pandemic, this is proving to be more of a problem than many have anticipated.

It is bad enough that with our present system 30 million Americans have no insurance, or that on a good day at least 50 million more cannot afford to use the insurance they have.

But with 30 million (and counting) suddenly unemployed, and many of them losing their employer-provided health insurance, maybe it’s time to look for a different health insurance system.

Single-payer Medicare for All fits that bill. Not only is it truly affordable for individuals (your health care contribution is based on your income) and the country (a recent study in The Lancet estimated it would save us $450 billion a year), it is also insurance that is completely independent of your job.

Medicare for All is public insurance delivering private health care. It’s the right thing to do.

And now is the time to do it.

Jay D. Brock, M.D.


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