Local kindness is needed diversion from polarization in our nation

Recently at our local Fredericksburg Area Food Bank, I watched an outstanding group of young people with intellectual disabilities volunteer their time decorating and filling bags with Easter candy for community children.

I watched in awe as they gave their all, giving their hearts and their time to make sure our community children got their best efforts.

I watched our Spotsylvania County YMCA staffer open their hearts and prepare fun classes for young people with disabilities.

I’ve seen the employees at the local Massaponnax Salsarita’s treat young men and women with disabilities with such honor and dignity, being kind and patient with them as they verbally struggled to order their lunches.

I have seen so much good in our city this past week that I finally had to sit down and write this letter.

People like Kathy Twigg from Emerging Stars. People like Miss Pearl with the YMCA. People like Claudia at Salsarita’s who are patient and kind, to the stranger in line at lunch who eagerly steps in to pay for someone else’s food.

The fact is we live in an incredibly loving, giving community. No matter what happens in our nation, as polarized as it has become, I am proud of our city.

I asked one of the disabled young men, after he finished filling Easter bags, what he liked best about being in Emerging Stars and serving our community.

He simply responded, “It just makes me feel good.”

Well, it made me feel good, too, to spend a week taking my mind off the problems in our nation and appreciating the kindness, beauty, and generosity of Fredericksburg.

Tari Foltz


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