Leave monuments to fallen soldiers alone

A recent article in your newspaper about the “Peace Cross” monument brought back vivid memories, as I lived near Bladensburg, Md., as a small boy. My father drove past the monument almost weekly and always pointed it out, stating that it was a memorial to fallen Maryland soldiers from World War I.

I was surprised that anyone would want it taken down . I do not understand the logic of this position, as Arlington Cemetery has many headstones on federal land that reflect the religion of our honored dead. Will these same people who are demanding the removal of the “Peace Cross” demand the same at Arlington Cemetery?

In the past several years, there have been many calls for removal of monuments because they remind us of our nation’s past. But it is our past that makes us strong by being visual examples of what is good and bad in our society—past and present.

Monuments, especially those honoring our war dead, are reminders of the horrors of war and pay tribute to those who defended our Constitution with their lives. It is only right that these soldiers or sailors be buried with prayers or honored with monuments, never to be forgotten.

For those who have attended a military funeral and heard the bugle play “Taps,” remember that we promised the dead that they could “safely rest.” Removing monuments like the “Peace Cross” breaks that promise.

William Logan

Locust Grove

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