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It was nice to see the article about Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa’s response to the concerns about law enforcement [“In Caroline, basketball can help bridge racial divide,” June 17]. Too bad it wasn’t on page 1.

Some very minor additions to the sheriff’s comments about being stopped by the police when driving:

First, when you realize you’re being pulled over, turn on your four-way flashers. Read the owners manual if you don’t know how. It’s often a big red button in the middle of the dash. This lets the officer(s) know you’re aware of them and not just cruising along if you have to go some distance to find a safe place to pull over.

If you’re being pulled over at night, turn the interior lights on.

If you keep your registration in the glove box, it’s not a good place to keep a firearm.

Finally, when you get stopped, don’t begin a frantic search for your license, registration or other paperwork. This looks an awful lot like hiding stuff you’re not supposed to have or getting ready to be hostile.

William Moore


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