Candidates Mark Cole and Jessica Foster both campaigned at Liberty High School last month for election as the 88th district delegate.

Incumbent Mark Cole reliably votes for traditional values and emphasized that many issues in Richmond are bi-partisan. He said that most bills are ignored by the media, except for partisan hot-button issues that they widely publicize. Challenger Jessica Foster described her strong progressive views and said she is motivated to run because of the hot-button Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) vote during the 2019 legislative session.

The ERA expired in 1982 yet it still stands for the difference between the two current candidates. Foster the lawyer says legal scholars and Congress can revive the expired ERA–by using one-sided legal tactics that will be divisive. Cole and the U.S. Supreme Court both say that “expired” actually means what it says, so new ERA advocates should start fresh.

I encourage you to vote for Delegate Mark Cole. He is committed to fair legislating and debate instead of resorting to tricky “legal” tactics.

Pat Grandelli


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