Martz bus service left local commuters in the lurch

Martz commuter bus customers were recently left quite suddenly without a ride to work. At 5:43 a.m., riders who are signed up for text notifications suddenly received a text saying that their 6 a.m. bus was cancelled.

No additional information was provided. No additional bus was coming. No “Sorry for the inconvenience.” No “You’re on your own.” Nothing.

Commuters were standing, waiting for a bus that wasn’t coming and that’s all they knew. It was the last bus of the morning so customers couldn’t even wait for a later bus. There was no later bus.

Martz has become the only game in town for a commuter bus to Washington, D.C., and their customer service (or lack thereof) indicates they know it and act like it.

After telling their customers no bus was coming, they finally did send a bus, albeit a late one, which only went to the Pentagon and dropped them off versus going into the city. Of course, most of their customers had already departed to find another way to get to work. Those who did ride the bus to the Pentagon were left to deal with the ever-more problematic Metro rail system.

The reason they decided to leave people in a lurch? We’re told they needed a bus and driver to send to Richmond. Apparently, the folks in Richmond are more important than their customers in Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg commuters desperately need more alternatives. It seems Martz is not happy until we’re not happy.

Randy Noller


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